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Welcome to Koru Orthotics. Our team is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive services to benefit their health and well-being. With our streamlined booking system and years of experience, we have more time to focus on helping patients find products to feel better, and connecting them with resources to help them stay that way.

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Role of an orthotist

Orthotists are healthcare professionals who can assess and treat the physical and functional restrictions of body parts that have been weakened by injury, disease, or disorders of the nerves, muscles, or bones.  Orthotists are allowed to prescribe, design, fit and monitor orthotic devices. In addition, they provide therapy for and education about the use and care of appropriate orthotics to meet the patient’s requirements.

we can help you with
  • Foot Orthotics

  • Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • Knee Orthosis

  • Knee Ankle foot Orthosis

  • Spinal Orthosis

  • Upper limb Orthosis

  • Mobility Aids

Who we work with
what are orthotics

Orthotics is a medical specialty that focuses on the design and application of orthoses. An orthosis is an externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.

  • General Practitioners 

  • Physiotherapist

  • Sport Physician

  • Orthopedic surgeons

  • Podiatrists    

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